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Track Of The Day - [ The Flashback Series ] -

Chaka Demus And Pliers - One Scotch - 1987

This duo made a big impact on the dancehall genre through the 80's and this track made the charts for many weeks.


Oracabessa Music Festival Press Conference April 15 2013 New York

  • Oracabessa Music Festival Press Conference April 2014
  • Oracabessa Music Festival Press Conference April 2014
  • Oracabessa Music Festival Press Conference April 2014
  • Oracabessa Music Festival Press Conference April 2014
  • Oracabessa Music Festival Press Conference April 2014

Ladies Ball Love Satisfaction - February 8 2014

  • Ladies Ball Love Satisfaction Feb 8 2014
  • Ladies Ball Love Satisfaction Feb 8 2014
  • Ladies Ball Love Satisfaction Feb 8 2014
  • Ladies Ball Love Satisfaction Feb 8 2014
  • Ladies Ball Love Satisfaction Feb 8 2014

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The insane dorks among us: This nut killed his 1 year old son to play XBox video game


Homosassa, Florida Emergency personnel arrived at the home of Cody Eugene Wygant on Thursday morning after a call that his 1year old baby was not breathing. The child Daymeon Wygant was transported to Seven Rivers Regional...

April 18th 2014Views 15Comments 0

Another really sad event: About 200 teens have drowned

The captain of the Sewoto ferry in South Korea really screwed up on this task when he told panicked teens to stay put on a sinking ship.

It must have been terrifying final moments for those kids as they watched others die and felt the cold...

April 18th 2014Views 21Comments 0

Does Kirani James of Grenada stand in Oscar Pistorius' corner or has he hopped off that band waggon?

The photo shows the embrace that seemingly signified solidarity between black and white, disabled and abled and symbolic of equality. Kirani James of Grenada and 2012 Olympic 400 meter gold medalist with Oscar Pistorius of South Africa who...

April 15th 2014Views 230Comments 0

This is such a tragedy for the families: 5 teens die in a horrifying bus crash and explosion in California on Thursday

It's like kicking a man when he is down.

A bus trip with a purpose of getting poverty stricken kids from Los Angeles into college. Most from families which has never had a member attend college, yet the gods kicked them though they...

April 12th 2014Views 175Comments 0

It's time that people open their eyes to the true culture of christianity that is lies, deception and greed: Extreme christian Congressman Vance McAllister caught cheating

So another hardcore religious politician's lies and pretense has been exposed. republican Congressman Vance McAllister of Louisianna ran a successful campaign on the grounds of morality, faith, godly love, family, integrity and absolute...

April 8th 2014Views 228Comments 0


Shaggy is the globally recognized Jamaican Reggae star and he leads the stars in this patriotic vibe that has a retro 60s festival song beat in Love Mi Jamaica

While they have good intentions of celebrating the good life they have in Jamaica, that life is only for a very tiny percentage, and the greater mass live in extreme poverty. The Puma commercial shows a closer perspective of the lifestyle of the greater population.

Red Foxx starts out berating America and England and imply that those Jamaicans living in these lands are ignorant of the better life in they would have in Jamaica, even though most of them got their start in a first world country.


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